Day 12 - COVID 19-day Pickleball Fitness Challenge with Nicole Havlicek & Jordan Briones

Nice work and great pics! We love the two touch drill both on the wall and with a partner when that’s an option again. Glad you liked it. Keep it up!

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Sorry you couldn’t be with your daughter but glad we could help keep you otherwise occupied :). I hope you get to see her soon, Great pic, love the focused eyes on the ball :eyes: Nice work :muscle: Rock on!

wow, that is a great wall you have for pickling! I’m jealous. Love the lobster too. Hope you and the fam get to roll it out onto the courts sooner rather than later. Thanks for the pic! Keep up the great work!

Great pic! Glad you and all are enjoying the paddle skill drills we slipped in there today while still sticking with the overall “fitness” theme. We hope everyone found it a nice mix up. Keep on rolling… :slight_smile:

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Way to get low!!! Hope it went well on the brick wall. No doubt you probably got some funny/unexpected bounces.

In my demo, I was doing it on interlocking bricks on the ground and that made things more challenging for sure because the bounces could be unpredictable but it also kept things interesting.

Way to go and keep it up…

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Nice! Great add on to the routine. Good idea to try new things. Looks like fun.

Love the pic!

Yeah there were some odd bounces but it was okay. BTW I love all the stuff you guys do with your YouTube channel. Thanks for all the work you do.


@K_Norris Thank you very much for the info!

Day late, but complete. Thanks.


Done is done :smile: Good work!

Shannon, you looked so familiar and I think I finally figured it out. Did you run the pickleball transplant games in SLC? My daughter played in that. I think that’s where I met you.

Thanks Nicole and Jordan! Not only was it good for the body, it made me think! LOL!

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I love the smiles on the two of you!


Yes! I did run the Transplant Games Tourney! Way to connect the dots! That was a crazy day, though not Covid Crazy. :laughing:

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I have to say this was the most difficult challenge for me so far when it came to the edge hit and coordination. Thank you @nicole and jordan for the awesome challenge!!


Great drills. I think this one is gonna become a weekly routine with me to help me get better touch skills!

just put those lines in my garage so I gotta get some more use outta them. :grin:


Great work! Yeah, taking pace of the ball (touch) is so important and undertrained. Way to get after it!

Here’s a few more things you can do on the wall:

Half-volley training - Dealing with shots landing near your feet >>

How To SEE The Ball - Different Ways To “Watch” It! >>

Training To Defend Counter-Attacks >>

I really enjoyed the 2-touch drill with the wall! It got me used to “fixing” my footwork before the next shot!

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