Day 16 - COVID 19-day Pickleball Fitness Challenge with Lucy Kovalova

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Your Instructor:
Lucy Kovalova - @Lucy.Kovalova.pb


Detailed instructional outline by @PickleballPhil

1. What are we doing

Setting aside ANOTHER 19 minutes to complete ANOTHER awesome challenge! We do this in order to grow together as a community and build habits that are going to keep us moving forward towards our ultimate goals! We have such a great opportunity to get taught by Lucy Kovalova! She is one of the BEST players in the world! I love the drills that she has us doing. It is a great mix of paddle/ball, cardio, and core strengthening. It’s great to get to see behind the minds of these pros and be able to see some of their drills that they do to become who they are.

2. Why it works

Remember your brain is hardwired to function within routine and habits. Try to do your drills at the same time in your routine! @Lucy.Kovalova.pb gives us a great round of exercises that focus on eye hand coordination, calfs and core strengthening. Lucy does a great job of explaining why it works. Watch the video :wink: and you will find out!

3. How it relates to pickleball

I feel like I could be a broken record with all these exercises and how they relate to pickleball. I will say that my lateral movement has increased in speed and control. I have loved the extra balance work and the strengthening of my legs, specifically lateral strengthening. have you found anything changing in your day?

4. Outline & Demonstration


  1. (1 min) Jump Rope
  2. (20 each of the following exercises)
    1. Forehand Volleys
    2. Backhand Volleys
    3. Forehand Dinks
    4. Backhand Dinks
    5. Forehand Volley and Dink Combo
    6. Backhand Volley and Dink Combo
  3. (1 min) Reverse lunge with a jump
  4. (1 min) Side to side shuffle-4 big steps between markers
  5. (30 each) Crunch with a hold on top
  6. (20 each side) Elbow to knee crunch

Repeat 2x

Activity Modifications:

(Special thanks to @betterpickleball for providing these alternate exercises for those in need - see her post for a video illustrating a Step Ups and Glute Bridge modification)

(1 min) Jump Rope ➞ Jumping jacks, fast feet or high knees
(50 each side) Volleys and Dinks ➞ Bounce a ball on the paddle face and/or the edge if you don’t have a wall
(1 min) Reverse lunge with a jump ➞ Eliminate the jump or Step Ups, Glute Bridge or Kettle Bell Swing

5. Go & Do - Return & Report

Review how this fits in your day, ALWAYS! Sometimes it takes multiple times of your routine to find out what you are willing to do consistently. Now, reply to this post and put your proof you completed the challenge! This is a GREAT video challenge for all of us to do that will help us improve our lives and ultimately work together towards a greater goal!

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This workout does a great job of combining several skills in short time. Thanks Lucy.
If you need a modification for the lunge try one of these.


@Lucy.Kovalova.pb thanks for the great workout. Loved the variety that you provided. Feeling my core getting stronger! Appreciated the volley/dunk combination drill, want to work on that one more.


Workout completed, video coming a little later today! Need to get to work!!


So the backwards lunge jump got my legs really burning. Thanks! It’s crazy this is almost over.


Thanks for the good workout!


Thank you Lucy Kovalova for a fantastic and challenging workout!!! I’ve enjoyed the variety of exercises in all the workouts ( I tend to get bored easily with a workout routine so this gives me a lot of choices). And I found out I’m not a fan of the backhand volley. Guess I know what I need to work on. Thanks again!


Done for today. :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome drills Lucy. I loved the volley/dink set. Thank you, thank you!!


Thank you Lucy for the great workout! The reverse lunges and jumps were burning my legs. I liked the variety of exercises.


Thank you @Lucy.Kovalova.pb for some great exercises and drills! Loved the variety!
I Absolutely liked the last 2 exercises (pun intended)
pb16 2
I am smiling because it is the last set of the last exercise!


@Lucy.Kovalova.pb Thank ty ou for this Killer workout! I had to channel my Inner Michael Jordan on the hold on the crunch to get through it. I don’t think Inhave done crunches since high school so bonus points :joy:


Thank you @Lucy.Kovalova.pb for a nice balanced work out!


Thank you so much for your kind words and participating in my Fitness Challenge. I definitely enjoyed doing it for you :slight_smile:
Also, here is my workout in process :slight_smile: 20200514_143328|666x500


I was surprised the crunches gave my abs such a burn. I though after all the planks I’ve done the past 15 days, crunches would be easier… NOT! Great workout @Lucy.Kovalova.pb My legs were burning after doing reverse lunges with a jump followed by side to side shuffles.


finished day sixteen! Every workout should end with crunches! Thank you kovalova! Fun volley and dunk drills too! I will definitely have to work those drills again!


She was helping us do crunches :crazy_face:
@Jmcshinsky and @smcshinsky


Thanks @Lucy.Kovalova.pb! I really like the dinking drill with the alternating volley and dink, it helped to to work on adjusting my touch for power and control!