How did I get into PickleBall?

I was the new employee at an accounting firm and one of my coworkers invited me to play game that based on his description looked like Tennis, with some Ping Pong characteristics , and even some Volleyball features. I was like mmm that sounds kind of weird but lets give it a try.
He said I needed to be at the SF courts at 6 am in the morning otherwise we would not be able to get a spot. I thought that was impossible. Who would want to play at 6 am on a Saturday? especially a game that is just a mix of some other sports?
When I got there the hole place was packed and after my first game I fell in love with PickleBall. I’ve been playing every single week after that.


It’s a good thing that someone introduced you. I have enjoyed playing with you. I am scared of the player that you will be in couple years. #prostatus

I sure have a fun time playing with you. Keep it up! :facepunch:

Ha…funny story. My wife retired from teaching and was looking for something to keep busy. She started playing, and asked me to come along. I said I’m not playing a game with a name like that, and with old people…I play hockey (I’m Canadian) and like the rough tough style of a game. Well, a year later, I said I’ll give it a go. First time out I was hooked. Now I (before the virus) am playing 5 days a week, tournaments, drilling…anything pickleball related. Love it!