How do you pronounce USAPA?!

How do you pronounce the following words?

  • GIF
  • Data
  • Acai
  • Gyro
  • Coupon
  • Caramel
  • Worcestershire

Each of these words are commonly pronounced in different ways. And in some cases, like GIF, you are correct in either way you say it. Others will laugh at you if you call it a JIF (:yum: :peanuts:) but you would be correct in pronouncing it as such.

But some words have a definite pronunciation. Does USAPA?!

I was having a great chat today with my picklePAL, Gabrielle aka @picklethe50. During our conversation, I made a reference to our beloved governing body of pickleball, which is the USA Pickleball Association aka USAPA.

What I said sounded like this… YOU•SAW•PUH (emphasis on “saw”). I can’t recall her exact response but it did include a big LOL and a “what did you just say?!” :rofl:

Now we were both laughing.

And she said something like… “Do you mean the U. S. A. P. A.?”

When I started playing pickleball I used to say that… what she said :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but somewhere along the way I was told that everyone says USAPA as a word and not as an abbreviation. Now I’m curious.

I don’t mind that I may have sounded like a fool… I’m the youngest of 5 kids so I’m used to getting teased and made fun of. But now that I brought Gabrielle a good laugh, I’m on a quest to find out how USAPA should be pronounced!

What do YOU say? How do YOU pronounce USAPA?

  • U. S. A. P. A.

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Honestly it just depends on how lazy I’m being at the time. One could argue you don’t say “NBAH” rather than N. B. A., but at the same time it is almost half the length of USAPA.

If I had to guess then I’d say “YOU•SAW•PUH” came around because people got tired of say U.S.A.P.A. every time. It’s a bit long-winded for an acronym.

In summary, if you are talking to someone who is familiar with USAPA just say it how you please.

However, if you are trying to explain the grand scheme of things to a new player or someone who is curious it’d be better to use the formal U.S.A.P.A.


Haha when you were talking to me the other day, it took me a second to figure out what you were talking about!! I am just to nice to correct someone the first day I meet them lol. You were the first person I ever heard call the USAPA that!!


Explained perfectly :slight_smile:


This one does crack me up because it seems that the players that have been around (7+ years) and have been involved with the USAPA Board or such always say YOU-SAW-PA . I know Jordan just shared YOU-SAW-PUH, but some add the twang PA!

For whatever reason the only way it comes out of my mouth is U.S.A.P.A… and soon with their new branding/name change it will be EASY for all of us - USA Pickleball Association, which gets up more ready for the Olympics - YAHOOOOO!


Hands down, you pronounce it letter by letter, unless you’re trying to make me cry from laughing so hard by saying it any other way @jordan ! :joy:

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I say YOU-SAA-PUH. YOU-SAW-PUH sounds weird to me :rofl::rofl:

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