Introducing Pickleball to the Balkans

I hope this post finds you all well. My name is Dan, and I hail from the beautiful country of Serbia. While pickleball might be quite popular in the USA, it’s still an emerging sport in the Balkans. I’ve recently taken a keen interest in it, and I’m excited to introduce this wonderful game to more people in my homeland.

I’m reaching out to this amazing community to gather tips, advice, and perhaps even some friendly collaboration to help spread the love for pickleball in Serbia. If anyone has experience introducing the sport in a new region, or if you have any resources that might be of help, I’d be incredibly grateful!

I believe that sports have a unique power to bring people together, bridge cultural gaps, and create lasting memories. I’m hopeful that, with your support, we can make pickleball a beloved pastime in Serbia as well.

Looking forward to connecting with many of you and hearing your stories, suggestions, and experiences. Let’s make the pickleball community even more global!
This is our website if someone is looking into:

Hi Dan,

I come from Croatia and also start the pickleball community. I have been playing pickball for some time, and I would like to improve my game and socialize outside my country. Are you interested in organizing an international tournament? btw, your website is great. You can see all the clubs we have in Croatia at my place: