My introduction

Bob Light here from upstate New York. 58 yo, found pickleball a few years ago. USAPA member. Before the pandemic I was doing about 4-6 tournaments was hoping to do a few more in 2020. The bigger tournaments I have played in were up in Canada. My 2020 goals were to get my Official rating to 4.0 or higher. Been playing 4.0, almost ready to jump to the 4.5 scene. Love playing in different areas of the country.
Best pickleball memory: 2019 Kingston Open, played with female partner that I had never met. We did very well in the rr, the semi final game, we were down but not out. I ended up hitting my1st ATP (backhanded too) I like to think it sparked us. We won and moved to the gold medal game. Which we lost


Robert, that is an awesome story! Congrats on hitting your first ATP! The first time is just as good as every time after that…until it’s returned! Lol. Glad your on the forum!


Thanks. It was my 1st tourney ATP, and yes…I have defended a few ATPs almost as satisfying. Lol

oh man, if that ain’t the truth LOL!

Welcome to the Fam @lightrj!!