Parkinsons & Pickleball

One of our player’s is 62, has Parkinson’s, and has found Pickleball to be great therapy. His balance, as well as his tremors has improved. (When he holds the paddle, the tremors stop). His Doctor has told him to keep playing, it is doing him so much good. (The Covid-19 set him back because he was not able to play for 2 months though). I teach beginning and intermediate pickleball classes, and he is going to be in one of them next week. I would like to help him continue to improve both for his pickleball, and his general health. Do you have some ideas, exercises, drills I can incorporate into my program that will help him? I do warm up drills before we get into playing, so any of those that would be good for him, I could use for everyone. No backwards movements of course. Thanks for any ideas you all may have @PickleballPhil and anyone else that might have experiences with Parkinson’s players.

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