2020 Florida Grand Slam Pickleball Tournament Vlog Series

Hey everybody!

If you are interested in seeing a series of fun vlogs that we did for the Eddie and Webby YouTube channel that documented our experience at the 2020 Florida Grand Slam pickleball tournament, check out the videos below. This is a tournament that is put on by Simone Jardmin and the folks at Peak Performance Pickleball Academy in Bonita Springs, Florida. We documented everything from us competing in the tournament, a behind the scenes look of our live stream setup during the tournament, and some AWESOME pro pickleball match highlights! It was an absolutely incredible experience for us and we hope you enjoy the videos. :slight_smile:

Click here for the full playlist.

Part 1: Webby travels from Michigan to Florida, Eddie kicks off live streaming the pro events on the main court, Webby meets and gets some pickleball practice in with his 4.0 mixed partner, Eddie competes in singles, Webby meets “The Golden Boy”, Scott Golden, in person for the first time, and Eddie and Webby check out a local brewery.

Part 2: highlights from the 4.0 mixed doubles division that the team of Webby and Kim AND the team of Eddie and Nichole competed in.

Part 3: gets up close and personal and gives a behind the scenes look at Eddie and Webby’s experience live-streaming the awesome action on Men’s Pro and Women’s Pro doubles day at the 2020 Florida Grand Slam Tournament in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Part 4: the thrilling conclusion to Eddie and Webby’s experience at the 2020 Florida Grand Slam pickleball tournament. It was an absolutely incredible event that we were very fortunate enough to be a part of. This video shows some of the amazing action from Pro Mixed Doubles day!


Wow! This is really cool to see the whole 2020 Florida Grand Slam Pickleball tourney at a glance! This was one of the last big tourneys before COVID-19 shook the nation. I’ve gone back to watch some of your videos several times, to feed the pickleball need, during this dry-spell with no tourneys!

I’d love to have quick reference links to all the video footage you have from each of the full pickleball matches as well! :heart_eyes: This is such a great resource! Thanks for putting it together!!