2022 Pickleball Black Friday Deal Roundup

Black Friday Pickleball Deals for 2022

There are so many great pickleball sales going on right now, so @aaron.kusch and I started curating all of these deals so we could share them with the pickleball community, at large!

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Pickleball Central

Up to 72% off on over 200 items

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Just Paddles

25% off select Gamma
25% off select Engage
Up to $30 off Paddletek Bantam

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Pickleball Galaxy

25% off Engage Pursuit + Free Gifts
20% off select pickleballs

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Total Pickleball

25% off Engage Pursuit + Free Gifts
20% off select pickleballs

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Fromuth Pickleball

25% off Engage Pursuit
20% off Paddletek Bantam

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Pickeball Effect

Up to 30% off paddles

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The Picklr

Up to 40% off paddles - all month of Nov

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ProKennex Black Friday Sale

View sale on their website: https://prokennex-pickleball.com/collections/paddles

Rokne Deals

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Nike has up to 20% off (LINK)

Vapor Cage 4 Tennis shoes $104.78+tx with 6-month warranty!
↳ Direct link to the shoes →

The Nike Vapor Cage 4 Rafa shoes are not pickleball shoes but they are Tennis/Court shoes, and they are the best court shoes I’ve ever owned! There are a few Adidas models that I liked. And for me, Asics never felt good on my feet. So I keep coming back to this model.

Nike has a 6-month outsole warranty on only a few models of their tennis shoes (most of them are not even available for purchase) and this is one of the models on which you can use the 6-month warranty!

I usually burn through the outsole on my pickleball shoes within 2-3 months at most! So it’s been great to pay ~$150 and get two pairs of high quality shoes at that price. But todays price of $104 is even better!!

I got another pair today, for nearly $40 off!! just $112.38 out the door!

Just make sure you enter the promo code “BLACKFRIDAY” at checkout.

Selkirk Deals Ends 11/28


Link to their sale: https://pickleballsuperstore.com/collections/sale



Happy Black Friday! Honestly, there are so many great deals being offered it’s hard to keep track of them all. To help, here is a list of items which are on sale right now. These items are already marked down, so no coupon codes are needed for these savings. Some items are selling fast and may go out of stock. Enjoy and play well.

JOOLA Simone Jardim CFS 14 and 16 Swift Paddles - 15% Off
JOOLA Vision CGS 16 Paddles - 20% Off
CRBN Paddles - 20% Off
Engage Pursuit Paddles - 25% Off
Paddletek Bantam EX-L, EX-L PRO and TS-5 PRO Paddles - 20% Off
ONESHOT Paddles - 20% Off
PROLITE Paddles - 20% Off
Arnour Helio Paddles - 24% Off
Baddle Paddles - 30% Off
Wilson Juice and Echo Paddles - 20% Off

KSWISS Shoes - 5% Off

TAKEYA 40oz and 64oz Bottles - 30% Off

Looks like the Nike Vapor Cage 4 Rafa shoe deal is over at Nike.com but you can find it on some other sites…

Tennis Express has them for $105 right now

I got them for $92 (Free Shipping) from Dick’s Sporting Goods. There is a $20 off $100 offer if you purchase through the app today only.


I think I had to link my Nike account to my Dick’s Sporting Goods account too. Great deal

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No kidding @dallanwagz! Tax put me up to $99.20 through the Dick’s deal. Dang! I jumped on that Nike deal too soon! :stuck_out_tongue: Thx for the heads up tho!

I would grab another pair but am not sure I can burn through two pairs during the winter, and get the warranty on both. I guess it would just motivate me to play/drill more! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But then there’s that Spruce Green color (my first Rafa’s) that I just looooove. I might want to use that $20 off for those!! :heart_eyes:

Good lookin’ out @dallanwagz ! What a great deal. I grabbed my pair and it was $99 including tax. Insane price!!!

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@dallanwagz Very Nice shoes and great deal !! Its amazing offer in $99.