Ab Workout post 19 day challenge - This is HARD!


this good stuff! I haven’t seen a couple of these!

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Thanks for keeping the Elevate mentality going after the challenge and continuing to share what you are doing to keep pushing yourself. I did jump rope, plank walk/pushup, lateral footwork, lunge/jumps and forearm strengthening circuit two times this morning.

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Great workout. I’m gonna do these and maybe add in a little bit of massage with my softball on my shoulders to help warm them up a little bit! Thanks phill!

this is one of the best ways that I’ve found to work out knots and tension in your shoulders and upper back.

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Thanks Phil. Loved it.

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Yeah I use that on my back all the time. Glad to see others do the same.


Went through this once this morning. Thanks for sharing Phil!

I’m wondering if we could just create a workout thread that we could post ideas and use afar each other has learned?