Adding real singles lines is a good idea

I really enjoyed tennis until I had 2 knees replacements 4 years ago at age 70 and lost a step or 2. Taking up doubles pickelball was my fallback. Doubles has been enjoyable but I still loved the ground strokes of singles. I have played some singles pickleball but have found covering the court very difficult and the points don’t last long. Playing on one side of the court only has never been quite the same. Last year the Maryland Seniors tournament was played on a badminton court and I noted that their were lines for singles and doubles just as tennis. When the virus shut down doubles pickelball here in Naples but allowed singles playing with your spouse, I decided to mark our doubles court for singles just as tennis and badminton have done. It’s been great and more enjoyable than skinny singles as they call it. It plays like tennis, the points are long, coming to the net has to be strategic. You have to hit all the shots. I have previously written USAPA about this but have never received a reply. Singles is fun. Let’s push to make it more fun and have tournaments with singles lines. Singles will become more popular if we do. Anyone have any access to the USAPA to have this considered?
Marshall Steele

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