After the 19 day Challenge

Hi all,

I wanted to see how everyone is doing post 19 day challenge? Have you guys been implementing things you learned? Have you continued on with what we built and kept going? I know @PickleballPhil has been, I have been upping my workouts and hitting it pretty hard 4-6 days a week and have been able to get back to the courts so am playing 3-4 times a week as well. Hope to see everyone chime in :grin:

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I took some of the drills and have put them in my warm up before playing. Our Y courts have opened, and we are also playing outside. I try to get there earlier than others to jump rope (since I bought one for the challenge, I might as well keep using it!) and do a few of the foot drills and paddle drills before playing. I use some of the balance exercises in a total body workout that I teach. Sometime I might go back and redo the challenge! It was fun! (and well…challenging… :slight_smile: )


I have been trying to incorporate as much as I can in warmups and workouts I do. I don’t like jump roping but I have been forcing myself since I started doing the challenge. Glad you are keeping up with it!