APP Tour Top Women Pros To Watch


It’s Ladies Night on the APP Tour Show!

2020-04-24T00:00:00Z2020-04-24T01:00:00Z - Hosted By: Lauren McLaughlin

This week on the APP Tour Show, an all women’s panel will be discussing the Top Women Pros to watch on the APP Tour. Please join Live With Lauren and our expert panel of Michelle Esquivel, Sarah Ansboury, Irina Tereschenko and Corrine Carr for this two night special as they discuss what makes these women so good!!!

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Suzee Anderson
Sarah Ansboury
Susannah Barr
Kristen Bellows
Jaylen Brennan
Corrine Carr
Megan Charity
Kaitlyn Christian
Vivienne David
Katie Dyer
Michelle Esquivel
Regina Franco
Simeon Gonzales
KaSandra Gehrke
Jessie Irvine
Simone Jardin


Andrea Koop
Lucy Kovalova
Martina Kochli
Lucy Kitcher
Joy Leising
Christine McGrath
Lindsey Newman
Catherine Parenteau
Bobby Phoumy
Maggie Remynse-Chou
Callie Smith
Lauren Stratman
Irina Tereschenko
Athena Trouillot
Anna Leigh Waters
Leigh Waters
Jaclyn West
Lee Whitwell
Belinda Zbiden

Did we miss your favorite player? Want to know more about a player? Have questions for the panel? Who do you think are the top 10 women players? Who’s the best up and coming player? We want to hear from you!!



From a completely platonic and professional pickleball perspective :stuck_out_tongue:… I’m in love with watching Lindsey Newman play! :star_struck:

LINDSEY IS A WALL! It’s so hard to get a shot past her. Idk if I’ve seen her play a lot of singles but her dubs game never ceases to blow my mind! I would love to see her hit the top three, and I think she’s poised to get there!

I first saw Lindsey and Riley play together at 2019 Nationals, against Kyle Yates and Simone Jardim. What. An. Epic 3 games that was. If you haven’t seen that match, you MUST go back and watch it! Also be sure to watch their 2019 Hawaii Open Gold Medal match.

At Nationals 2019 I had the pleasure of sitting next to my good friend @shellyloong, a few rows back from center court. Thanks for letting me have your spot that night @tylerloong :raised_hands: Shelly and I were both just oooohing and awhhhhhing the entire match.

While I also love watching Simone, and Lucy, Irina, and Michelle dominate the court, I’m such a big fan of new blood moving up in the ranks. I’m also really excited to see where @cathparenteau1994, and Corrine Carr take it, this year! :pray:

In conclusion… I have to say that we have something special with the “Top Women” in pickleball.

You look at each of these top players and I don’t know most of them personally (yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) but each of them seems so refined, so gracious, so humble, and genuinely KIND! Idk if that’s the same in other sports, but what I do know is that best women players in pickleball are as sweet as they come, but also a force to be reckoned with!

Here’s a little snippet of Lindey and Riley duking it out with Kyle and Simone, at 2019 Nationals…


The great thing about the women’s game is there’s starting to be a bit more parity within the game. It’s great to see different women competing for the medal stand and its definitely helping the growth of the sport!!!

One of my favorite people to watch within the game has to be @cathparenteau1994. She is one smooth operator, she moves on the court with such finesse! Catherine along with Steve Deakin are the two people I try to model my game after!


  1. Simone Jardim
  2. Leigh Waters
  3. Lucy Kovalova
  4. Catherine Parenteau
  5. Lindsey Newman
  6. Anna Leigh Waters
  7. Jessie Irvine
  8. Corrine Carr
  9. Irina Tereschenko
  10. Andrea Koop

Up and coming to watch out for: Athena Trouillot & Lauren Stratman!!!


I was lucky enough to play in the PRO-AM in California a couple of months ago and got to play with some of these ladies. My partner was Christine McGrath but I was able to play against some other pro females like Irina Tereschenko. I got to see Jesse Irvine play there and also have loved following her and her progress over the last year. She has quickly become one of the best players and has not played for a long time. Not only were they all amazingly good athletes but they were super humble as well.

She wasn’t at the California Open but I have enjoyed watching the Anna Leigh come up through the ranks and I am really excited to see her excel in the future. She is still so young but will gain more and more experience and she gets older. I think she will decimate future competition.


Where would you place Callie Smith?


She’s definitely an up and comer, had a really nice 2019 tournament season. I remember her winning a mixed match with Adam Stone against Ben Johns and Catherine Parenteau at the Las Vegas open… I would place her somewhere between 11-15 in female player ranks…


@PickleballPhil watch tomorrows show and find out!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: