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Do You Remember What It Was Like to Feel Good?

We change as we age but how do we create a new normal that feels good? What can we do to feel good and perform better on the pickleball court no matter what the calendar says?
Coach Dotti B has some suggestions to improve your physical and mental performance. Known as Coach B since her days of coaching women’s basketball at the University of Kentucky , " Born to Coach defines her passion for working with both and entrepreneurs. “It’s all about the little things in both the physical and the mental game. The distinction of one letter turns the MindSh*t in your head & your body into a Mind Shift that propels your breakthrough to the next level.”

What’s the biggest change you’ve noticed as you age?

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Is the Mental Game Different Once You’re Over 50?

@betterpickleball and 4x US Open Champion @WTP-Laura teamed up to tackle that subject during the recent Mindshift Summit.
Drawing on their years as professional athletes Laura and CJ shared the tools they’ve used to help them be successful on and off the pickleball courts.


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I’m excited to be interviewed by CJ for one of her upcoming shows for my topic:
Feeling Ageless is FUN!™

Hunkered down at home, we survive, and when we return to the courts, we THRIVE! Our passion for playing pickleball, along with our love for engaging with our community, is a driving force that can’t really be explained in words to those who don’t play.

When we are on the courts, there’s nothing that bugs us more than getting injured and not being able to play! I help Boomers, particularly ones who love pickleball, create a state of mental and physical health that supports them in staying more on the court than off the court.

Bottom line? I help you remember how it "feels" to "feel good."

After creating the recent EPIC Pickleball MindShift Summit, I know more than ever that the “mental game” is key in our aging process and our success on the pickleball court. I was honored to have Coach Dayne Gingrich co-host our two-day summit. What an opportunity to have CJ, along with Laura Fenton, offering their insights. If you missed that, you can still register for free and watch the recordings.

Look forward to you all joining CJ and me on May 12th!

Coach B


Biggest change as I’ve aged is…Sagging skin! I can remember it as if it was yesterday! I had finished my first triathlon and was feeling so good about that. I leaned over the sink to brush my teeth and saw some sagging skin that I had never before seen. Ladies, you know what I am talking about. And yet I have learned to embrace my aging process and am now more ok with my physical body that I have ever been in my life! My mind is truly the foundation key to everything I feel about aging, both on and off the court!

More specifically, I should have said that “crepey skin” was what I noticed on the top side of my upper arms. I have had dry skin all my life, so in the aging process, my skin produces less oil than it did when I was younger. These oils create an important lipid barrier that protects my skin and helps seal in moisture. I first noticed this via the hormonal changes, which can also lead to drier skin and less natural oil production. The end result was that I came to an acceptance of the aging process, and began to celebrate my good inner health that supports my outer overall health. “Crepey skin” became “not a big deal!” :slight_smile: My gratitude for my overall health is primary and I am fortunate that at almost 67, I am on no medications. I have walked every day (oh, sure, miss every now and then) for 45 years after decided that running wasn’t really joyful for me, but walking is. Adding pickleball two years ago has been a connection with my inner joy as a kid that I love…and the community engagement is just as important to me as my love for playing pickleball!


For me one of the biggest joys has been body acceptance.
When I was younger I was often teased about my big caboose. What I didn’t realize at the time was that it was my power house. It’s one of the attributes that has made me successful in multiple sports.
There was a time when I looked at women who I perceived to have great bodies and usually they were thin. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of hours I spent chasing this crazy fantasy. It wasn’t until I started distance running with a friend and noticed how her body was built for that sport, that I began to see how my body was uniquely suited for the sports I excelled at. Somewhere along the line I finally gained acceptance and stopped trying to mold my body into something it wasn’t intended to be.

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I hear you CJ!!! Me too! I wish I could have tapped into earlier in my life what I feel today. And I sort of chuckle, because in the ways that society might look at the aging process, my body was “much better” then? Only I didn’t recognize it. Now, I appreciate my body in so many ways because it serves me well. It’s like a reward for having taking good care of it for almost 67 years! :slight_smile:

Thanks again CJ for having me on your show today. Here’s a couple of slides we didn’t get to on our webinar today, but they are pertinent to our Pickleball playing! The two different pictures illustrate what happens when “beneath the surface” is not supporting/empowering you. Then end results are the symptoms and experiences “above the surface.” The second pictures shows what happens when the symptoms are transformed into what help you and the end result potential for your pickleball game.


Here’s another great pic.

This is a great article that might be helpful.

How do find out if you have a good blood flow? Can your family Doctor tell you?

Hi Don, this article might help you. Certainly, you can speak to to your doctor if you are experiencing symptoms that “show up” due to poor circulation.

@donjmw , here’s the real time video I mentioned about the “before and after” regarding the blood flow and use of our device. You can check out at and also at

You can also click here to view a “before and after” video in real time with “before using BEMER”” and “while using BEMER.” It then rolls over to information about our immune system and other info.

Hope this helps! Coach B