Better Pickleball - Virtual Summit Day Three

Day Three–Eyes, Feet, Legs, and Brains? With that title, you might think Dr. Frankenstein is a guest. :grimacing:

Kevin Huckle shows us why pickleball specific shoes will keep you safer and improve your games. “Dr. Pickleball,” Allan Rosenthal, DPM lets us know which OTC remedies work best on those nagging foot issues. Barret Kincheloe shares tips and strategies to improve your mental focus. Rafael Filippini explains why pickleball players need protective eyewear and how to choose the right lens.

Welcome and Introductions


@betterpickleball CJ Johnson from Better Pickleball


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At Last!!! The Secrets to Finding Great Fitting, High Performing, and Safe Pickleball Shoes


Kevin Huckle from Tyrol Pickleball

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Have you ever wondered what makes a pickleball shoe different from a court shoe? Or how to get the best fit for your foot?

As an Executive veteran of the Footwear Industry, Kevin has had a career spanning over 40 years, involving almost all aspects of footwear procurement. Kevin has had direct management roles with several Brands. Recently retiring from a 25 Year post as President of Kodiak Group Holdings, he now consults with various footwear companies. In 2019, Kevin launched Tyrol Pickleball shoes.


Pickleball Injuries-What To Do Before You See the Sports Podiatrist


@tennisdpm from Advanced Foot Care Ctr

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Sore, achy feet won’t help you play better pickleball! “Dr. Pickleball” Allan Rosenthal, DPM shares the best OTC treatments for pickleball foot pain and when it’s time to see a professional.

Dr. Allan I. Rosenthal is a podiatric physician specializing in Sports Medicine, a Diplomat of the American Board of Podiatric Surgery, Board Certified in Foot Surgery and a Diplomat In Podiatric Sports Medicine. Dr. Rosenthal has been a member of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine and has served on the Racquet Sports Committee.


How to Mentally Prepare for the Ups and Downs of Pickleball During and After COVID-19


Barrett Kincheloe from Pickleball Kitchen

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The mind is a terrible thing to waste! Barrett shares his tips and insights to utilize the most powerful muscle in your body (your brain) to become a better pickleball player.

Barrett is the founder of the pickleball kitchen. He runs a website, podcast, and YouTube channel that teaches pickleball no matter where players are in their pickleball journey. He’s a stone’s throw away from 1.5 million views on YouTube, has accumulated 100,000 downloads on the Pickleball Kitchen Podcast, and reaches hundreds of thousands of people globally through his website a year.


Pickleball Eyewear-Why You Need It and How to Pick the Best Lens for Your Game


Raphael Filipinni from Gearbox

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How do you protect your eyes from a hard hit pickleball or a shot off the edge of a paddle? Think those safety glasses from home depot or your fancy “sport” glasses will do it? Think again!

As a professional level racquetball player, where the ball travels at speeds of over 180 miles per hour, Rafael Filippini knows a thing or two about protecting your eyes. His dream was to create a brand that would lead with innovation and technology using advanced materials, and in 2007, he founded Gearbox.



I had some questions about lacing shoes, I will be posting a page about this soon. Allan I Rosenthal DPM

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