Block drop video share

I’m in blue. This has several things in it I really feel players need to get confident in. Block drop volleys are hard until you just keep trying. A lot of failures before they start falling into the kitchen for resets. Of course this is cherry picked but what I strive to achieve on a more consistent basis. A nice ATP to finish off this fun rally.


A fun point to watch and a nice ATP Ted! What drill(s) have you done to help you develop your reset shot?

Have a partner stand close to the nvz line maybe a couple feet back of it and you stand mid court or no mans land or closer sometimes and have them fire shots at you over and over back hand and forehand. Get the feel and confidence to not always rail on the the ball in those volley wars. Those are fun too but the ability to reset it is super important. Of course then you will need to follow up with a dink session because that is why you slowed it up.