BOOST Pickleball Intermediate Training Camp (Sarasota, FL)

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BOOST Pickleball Intermediate Training Camps - Sarasota, FL

Powered by Pickleball Central - Following the Minto US OPEN Pickleball Championships

3-Day Camp Dec 18-20, 2020 (Fri-Sun) at the Englewood Sports Complex

Head Pro: Rob Davidson Guest Pro: Kyle Yates

9-12 pm - Kitchen play progressions with competitive drills
a. dink technique and grips
b. straight ahead vs. cross-court
c. spins and short hops
d. dink placement
e. paddle awareness and feel

2-4 pm - Ground stroke power, Defending ground stroke power
a. Legs and hips
b. Body weight transfer
c. circular vs. linear
d. Anticipation
e. Defending power

Optional open play

9-12 pm - 3rd and 4th shot progressions
a. 3rd shot options
b. hard vs soft
c. 3rd shot technique
d. 3rd shot placement
e. working your way up
f. no man’s land
g. 4th shot intro

2-4 pm Serves and Returns
a. Power serve
b. Lob serve
c. Spin serve
d. Moving through returns
e. Spinning returns

Optional open play

9-12 pm - Fun Shots and Games
a. Ernie progressions
b. Around the Post
c. Around the Post defense
d. Fake power drop shots
e. Disguises and Chin music

2-4 pm - Tournament
a. Tournament preparation lecture
b. Preparing yourself
c. Mental toughness and visualization lecture
d. Tournament and awards presentations

Optional open play

**Schedule Subject to Change

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