Brandon White's Pickleball Story

I was first introduced to the lovely game of Pickleball back in 2014. I played a couple of times with some co workers and thought it was fun but didn’t do anything more with it. Fast forward to August of 2018, I was invited to play it with my brother in law. From that moment on I have been hooked.

Throughout my life I have always enjoyed paddle or racquet sports. I grew up playing Ping Pong, and played a year of Tennis on my High School team. After my mission I played a fair amount of racquet ball throughout college. It is a night and day difference between the love I have for those sports verses the love I have for Pickleball.

Pickleball is truly amazing! I am looking forward to the day when my children are old enough to start competing with me in tournaments. One of my one year old’s first words was Pickleball and before he would enjoy watching anything else on the TV he would always be glued when a Pickleball match was playing on YouTube. I’m very much looking forward to a long relationship with the fantastic sport.


That’s cool Brandon. I hope my son wants to play. My girls are dance focused, so my 6 month old is my next chance.


That’s so awesome. I’ve gotten to compete with my Dad and he’s who taught me. It was an amazing experience. He’s now 79 so we just play for fun because he can’t play at my level and age. I really enjoy watching him play in the huntsman sr games.
I have really enjoyed playing with you this past year also. You are a great player and true gentlemen. Great sportsman. Can’t wait until we are all out ripping again :metal:


Thanks Phil. I’ll be cheering for your 6 month old to get into Pickleball also.

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I bet that was such a fun experience Amber! It is always a blast playing with or against you.


Love reading your Pickleball story, Brandon. Each person’s is so unique and wonderfully engaging! And, at the end of the day, we all each passionate about it. Talk about a “connecting thread!”

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Thanks Dotti. I agree, it is fun to hear how people fell in love with this great sport. Have a wonderful day!

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