Chicken N Pickle strikes again! (San Antonio, TX)

Every time I read the words, or even hear someone say the words “Chicken N Pickle” I get so jealous! It would be so cool to have a hangout joint like that, here in Utah, where I live.

If you’re not familiar with Chicken N Pickle, the short summary is that you can play pickleball, and eat, and watch others play pickleball or cornhole or tons of other outdoor yard games. It’s like a party every day, at Chicken N Pickle.

And news just hit the press that they are building a new location in San Antonio, TX!

An old college buddy of mine reached out to me via text after quite some time of radio silence. He’s the kind of friend you don’t see for five years, but when you do, you just pick right back up, where you left off.

So anyway, he sees all my pickleball posts on social media, and sends me a text, out of the blue, and said:

“I am embarking on my first pickle ball experience with one of my customers Thursday! Excited for the experience and see if all your hype is what it’s cracked up to be. Beyond excited to give it a shot!!!”

That was the text I received! I was stoked to see that my not so quiet pickleball example got someone else to be excited enough to give it a shot!

Well, he CALLED ME after a night of shenanigans at the Chicken N Pickle in Kansas City, MO, I believe. He went on to tell me how they just kept playing and playing for a few hours. He couldn’t get enough. He told me that they just finished pouring concrete for a sport-court in his backyard and they were about to paint the lines, and that now he was going to paint pickleball lines, as well! :rofl: How awesome is that!

That, my friends, is what an evening at Chicken N Pickle will do to you.

There are currently two locations: One in Kansas City, MO and one in Wichita, KS, with more coming to San Antonio, TX, Oklahoma City, OK, and Overland Park, KS.


But the more I think about having a Chicken N Pickle, here in Utah, it’s probably not a place you’d want to go every night because it sounds like it’s a pretty expensive place to play. And most people that I know, who like pickleball, want to play pickleball 3-7 days a week. That can get pretty expensive when you’re playing by the hour at a place like Chicken N Pickle.

So I don’t know… maybe here in Utah it wouldn’t go over so well. In the Salt Lake and Utah Valley, you’re usually no more than 15 minutes from some pretty nice public courts… and many of them have 4-8 brand new courts!

Another point about free pickleball locations in Utah is that almost every one of the local church buildings for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (and there are a LOT here in Utah) also have 1-3 courts with permanent painted lines in them. And most of these churches are about 5 minutes apart from one another. From my home, I could go play in about 10 churches that all have pickleball lines and are less than 10 minutes from my home.

I feel like we’re pretty spoiled with how many people love pickleball and how easy it is to find people to play with, and also how many locations we can go, to play. But I still do have a little FOMO every time I see another city getting a Chicken N Pickle.

Something BIG is going to happen here in Utah. And it’s coming soon. Mark my words ツ


You’ve got a point about how spoiled we are with court accessibility here, but I can’t deny that I’d hop on a Chicken n Pickle franchise opportunity in a heartbeat😅. They are freaking awesome!!


Haha! I bet you would! I’m not sure if Chicken N Pickle does any franchising yet, though :thinking:

I’ve had conversations with several people who “know someone” who is going to build something similar, here in Utah. It’s only a matter of time!


I’ve talked with someone down here in St George and its hard because we do have so much at our fingertips when it comes to pickleball. I think that in a place like Utah county or Draper area there would be some popularity. Pickleball is so much about the social experience for the majority of players. There would need to be a large base of players. I think that in St George Area the only way it would work is if it were by the little Valley complex, like across the street. Thoughts?


In my non-credible opinion I think one thing it would require in order to be reaaally successful here in Utah where so much “free” pickleball is available would be the “Exclusivity” factor. Much like a country club for golf.

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