Day 15 - COVID 19-day Pickleball Fitness Challenge with Pat Smith

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Your Instructor:
Pat Smith - @Pat_Smith


Detailed instructional outline by @PickleballPhil

1. What are we doing

Setting aside ANOTHER 19 minutes to complete ANOTHER awesome challenge! We do this in order to grow together as a community and build habits that are going to keep us moving forward towards our ultimate goals! Today Pat Smith is going to give us a challenging workout includes calf, lateral movement and single leg balance. He is new on the scene, but already making waves in the pickleball world! Both Pat and his partner Jay Devilliers have had some great wins this year and it will be fun to see them take on the top players moving forward.

2. Why it works

Remember your brain is hardwired to function within routine and habits. Try to do your drills at the same time in your routine! Pat has simulated lateral movement skills that could have visualization techniques added at the end of the lateral movement. I also really like the balance and control on one leg. Because we lunge so much in pickleball it is important that we get strong balance on each leg.

3. How it relates to pickleball

Lateral movement is so important in pickleball and plays such a major role in both singles and doubles. I love the drill and will definitely focus on visualization at the turning point of each lateral movement. The jump roping is going to be super important in explosivenes.

4. Outline & Demonstration


  1. (100 double or 200 single) Jump rope-double or single unders
  2. (20 second shuffle-20 second rest=6 rounds total) 20’ side shuffles
  3. (touch each cup once-change arms=2 rounds one each leg) 4 Cone Balance Tap

Activity Modifications:

(Special thanks to @betterpickleball for providing these alternate exercises for those in need - see her post for a video illustrating a 4 cone balance tap modification)

  1. Jump rope➞ Step Jacks, Fast Feet, High Knees
  2. 20’ side shuffles ➞ Move at a slower pace
  3. 4 Cone Balance Tap ➞ Kickstand stance-Toe is touching but little weight on the back foot. Wider is easier or narrow is harder

5. Go & Do - Return & Report

Review how this fits in your day, ALWAYS! Sometimes it takes multiple times of your routine to find out what you are willing to do consistently. Now, reply to this post and put your proof you completed the challenge! This is a GREAT video challenge for all of us to do that will help us improve our lives and ultimately work together towards a greater goal!

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I love the balance challenge in this routine. In the event you need a modifier for the balance challenge try the kick stand stance.


I will be completing my workout later this evening. Let’s finish strong guys!!


Great balancing drill! Thanks


I did 3 rounds of these 3 exercises to get my 19 minutes in. Even though I was already struggling, I did the last set of the 4 cone balance tap with socks. My legs are sore from yesterdays workout, so this really pushed me. You can see the sweat on my forehead and chest…LOL! Thanks for the great workout Pat!


Tiffany balancing in bare feet is a great way to improve proprioception. Was there a balance difference from being barefoot to wearing shoes?


Loved the balance drill today!


Yes, both were a challenge for me, but in different ways. I actually liked being able to feel the ground wearing socks. I’ll continue to do this exercise.


Wasn’t able to do the exercises all at once, but did them separately. Had kitten friends for the

balancing one.


We had a helper with our cones today. @Jmcshinsky and @smcshinsky


I’m glad you love the balance challenge. It’s a great exercise to improve your strength and stability. In Pickleball as in tennis is it vital to be able to stay low, Be balanced and have your feet set in position prior to hitting every shot. :wink:.


Now your alteration is even a new one for me. Way to add a distraction while going this exercise and train your focus :grinning:


I’m glad you like this one. It is amazing Dow different and how much tougher this exercise is with out shoes. :slightly_smiling_face:


That back cone on the opposite side was hardest to reach!


Seems like everyone posted the balance exercise! It was a good one! Touching the back one opposite of the hand was the hardest!
I had to do 200 of the jump ropes because the double unders just wouldn’t happen :slight_smile:
Thank you @Pat_Smith for some great exercises!


Looks awesome. Glad you are enjoying this one :slightly_smiling_face:. Your name @kiwigirl75 may I ask if you are from NZ?

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So two things this workout taught me. 1.I need to get better at jump rope as I ended up with battle wounds. 2.the sweat doesn’t lie @Pat_Smith gave us a good one! Keep pushing through all we got this!


Thank you for the workout! The balance cones were deceivingly hard. I was surprised I could do a double under. I couldn’t do a bunch in a row but I could work some in.


Thank you, @Pat_Smith, for leading us through Day 15! You made the balance drill look easy, but it wasn’t! I made the back targets higher to help, but I still struggled. I’m going to keep working at it. Modified the jump rope to CJ’s @betterpickleball

suggested low impact step jacks. Good workout!