Do pickleball paddles wear out?

Having played less that 4 months, I would like to know what the life of a pickleball paddle is? I’m sure there are a lot of variables here (e.g. how often you play, paddle face/core material, type of paddle…), but how often do you replace your paddle? Do they loose their pop/spring? Let me know what your experience has been like with replacing paddles. I haven’t needed to replace a paddle up to this point. #pickleball-equipment #paddles


@bryan this is a great question! I know individuals who have had the same paddle for years and love the feel of the paddle because they have come to know the unique parts of that paddle over the years. I believe it depends on the type of hits and how aggressive you are as a player (depends on if you are one to slam your paddle when frustrated :wink: ).

For myself I tend to use the same paddle for around 5-7 months. I have had some paddles that only lasted 3-4 months because when trying to get a ball I end up slamming it on the ground by accident and then there is a soft spot on the paddle. I would bet that especially at the beginning your paddle should last you about a year or two before needing to replace it.

Now whether or not you replace it because you want a different paddle that is another story. Many people go through 3-7 paddles in their first year because they are trying out different paddles until they find one that they really like. Also, when you end up finding that you need more or less touch you may realize the paddle you have is a limitation and so it is a necessity to change your paddle.

This is a great question!!


I believe selkirk has a lifetime warranty if the paddles starts to thud it’s normally the edge guard that is coming apart you fill out their warranty info and send in pictures and they send a paddle with an envelope for you to return the old one. This of course is if you don’t abuse the paddle buy throwing it and all that and it’s wear damage or manufacture problem. I have known them to replace pretty much everyone I knows paddle that had an issue. I’m not sure what the warranty is for others.


YES. For some strange reason some pickleball players think their paddles, shoes and the ball should last forever. If you use it, it will wear down - no problem get another :slight_smile:


This is my first year and I have honed in on a paddle (I arrived at it after two paddles) so now I will be able to see how long it lasts. I am hoping to get at least 6 months out of it—maybe longer. I can’t characterize myself as a McEnroe type (sorry for the tennis reference, I don’t know who the pickleball equivalent would be :joy:) so I am estimating I’ll get a few more months out of my paddles. Thanks for the detailed response!

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I think longevity depends on the user. someone who is just crushing and banging is going to wear the paddle down faster than say someone who just dinks around and plays a slower game with other like minded individuals. But some paddles are just built better than others as well for lasting, but also that can cause a difference in feel based on the materials. My Invikta is over a year old but still plays fine. I had a paddle from Amazon that only lasted 3 months. sounds like you made your choice, so you will have to let us know how it goes!


Hey Bryan- in my opinion paddles definitely wear out! Several factors play into how long it may last though:

  1. Amount of use. A recreational player that only plays 1-2 times a week will have a paddle that lasts much longer than a tournament player who plays 5 days every week.
  2. Aggressiveness. Are you the kind of player that chucks your paddle on the floor after a bad hit or do you maintain composure? That has a significant impact.
  3. Storage. Most paddles are designed to stay dry and not to be stored in places that are too hot or too cold. Also, when you put it in your backpack, you should make sure it isn’t banging against anything hard. A good rule of thumb is to treat your paddle like it is your friend’s- do everything to keep it safe.

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