Do You Stretch AFTER Pickleball?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see very many people stretch before they leave the court. Which makes me curious…

Do You Stretch After Pickleball?

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Last week in the discussion on singles @frankanthonydavis made some not to be missed observations on taking care of your body and recovery.

In addition, @tennisdpm and I were talking about lower leg injuries and he mentioned a condition called Equinus. It’s an ankle joint restriction that can be caused by tight calves and may lead to a variety of lower leg injuries.

Since most of us play on a concrete surface :grimacing: for hours on end :heart_eyes: and haven’t done it in a while :hot_face:, I thought it might be a great time to share a few of my favorite calf stretches.

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@betterpickleball- this is a great topic to discuss! I feel like injury prevention, body care and recovery are one of the most overlooked things in the pickleball world.

I don’t often stretch on court right as I am finish a playing session. Usually this is because I have children in the care of others and I play right up until I have to leave to receive the baby sitter! I do stretch almost every night before I go to bed. So while it isn’t right after I play- I am still stretching regularly.

At a tournament I stretch after matches to keep my muscles ready to roll for the next match and definitely make room for a good stretch/roll out session each night after a tournament.


Suzee do you roll every night when you stretch?

I should be more dedicated to the rolling than I am. I do spoil myself with fairly regular massages and have an amazing massage therapist.

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You’re talking my language. I wish I could get a massage every other day!


I didn’t see taking a nap as an option…

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I always stretch before a game, especially since I’m typically the youngest on the court and will run after hard balls (or ones that my partner just doesn’t want to get…).

I also get loose between games and do drills if I can, or just practicing control with my paddle to ensure that when I get called up for another game, I’m more than ready to go.

However, after games, I like to do something a little different. The courts I typically play at have a pool feet away, so when I’m all done, I just change if I need to and jump in the pool. Great way to relax, cool off, and helps make sure I’m not tight when I go on with my day.

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