Does anyone understand the different match scoring in a pickleball tournament

Don’t understand how a player wins in some of the formats. A match might be played where one player wins the first two games to 11, then the other player wins a third game to 15 and wins the match, though he/she lost the first two games. In another tournament one player won the first game 11-6 and the other player won second game 11-9, yet won the match. No third game. Can’t understand why a simple 2 out of 3 is not used in tournaments. Anyone understand the logic?

Rob, did you come to pickleball from tennis? (I did.)

I like that pickleball tournaments are not run the same way tennis tourneys are. It makes for a really interesting (and challenging) tourney experience.

Last summer I played a Singles tournament – having never played one game of singles in pickleball. (Not the smartest way to do it!)

In Pool Play I got clobbered in the first two matches. During that time I figured out a sort of strategy … ended up playing more matches than any man in the draw and playing for the Championship (which I lost 10-12, 12-10, 10-12.)

If it hadn’t been for the Pool Play format, I’d have been home with my feet up after the first 90 minutes, instead of being awarded the Silver Medal.

Not all tourneys are run the same way. As you are checking out whether to enter, be sure and read how they plan to run the event.

  • Dink