Drilling a Strategy

What drills or tools do you use to better your pickleball strategy for a point?

I know we have drills to make shots better and more accurate but I am thinking bigger picture. Lets assume that in our perfect world we do not have to worry about our own shots. We can hit were we want and we can return anything all within reason.

Also how would you adapt these drills while in quarantine? :mask:

Video analysis :man_technologist: is a good tool to see things in action and get an idea for what things look like. It is one thing to watch something and a completely different thing to practice implementing it. I have seen people use whiteboards :clipboard: to illustrate ideas and plans. I have heard of people giving lessons on how to move with your partner :dancing_women:.

I have not seen anything that goes into practicing shot selection and placement.

Do you visualize many scenarios and play it out in your head :thinking: or do you do something more physical?

There is so much good information on the internet that I am sure someone just needs to point me in the right direction.