Etiquite when the pickleball lands out

I started playing with some friends who play differently than I have always played. I play that when the ball is hit by my opponent, and it goes slightly long, (past my baseline) since there is no ref, and reflexes are not fast enough to be able to return after it has been determined whether it is in or out, I just return it and then if it was determined by me at the time of the hit that it was out, I call OUT immediately, and play stops and I get the point. I have always played that way, even in tennis. My friends say that if I hit it, and it was out, the ball stays in play because I hit it. Is there a ruling on this situation? Thank you.

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Regardless, whether you returned the ball. More important is that you instantaneously make an out call

We had the same issue come up with the neighborhood group. I posed the question to and was directed (by the Chair of the Rules Committee) to Rule 6.D.6 “All ‘out’ calls must be made prior to the ball being hit by the opponent or before the ball becomes dead.” Rich makes a good point in that you need to be quick making your call. For example, the ball is out, you attempt a return which ends up in the net, or the ball clears the net and the opponent makes a return before you are able to make the call, you missed your opportunity.


Bill, your friends are wrong, and David is correct.
You can hit an out of bounds ball and quickly call it “out” AFTER you hit, but BEFORE the opposing team hits it back. So, yeah, you gotta be quick! But it happens all the time, particularly on serves that are just long when you’re close to the baseline – reaching for cross court dinks that are just out- smashes that land just over the line when you reflexively throw up your paddle.
Pickle on brother!

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