Fault or No Fault?

During the most recent pickeball tournament I competed in (before COVID-19 caused the world to shut down), there was a play that seems to have sparked some controversy in regards to if it is a fault or not. This link will show you the play in question, followed by a slow motion replay. What do YOU think? Did I commit a Non Volley Zone fault or not?

Side note: nobody thought it was a fault during this tournament. It was only after this video went public that I started getting comments form people saying I shouldn’t have gotten the point. I figured this could be a good learning tool for folks not totally familiar with the NVZ rules.

I say yes it was a fault. It looks like your paddle was over the nvz when you came down on your knees.

Hi Sandy.

I’ve heard quite a few people say that my momentum took me into the kitchen after hitting the ball and that it was a fault. However, if you re-watch the video you’ll see that the ball bounced before that happened. Once the ball bounces, it doesn’t matter if my momentum or any part of me ends up in the kitchen. There are still arguments out there that a fault occurred after my shot that took me to my knees, though.

You are absolutely right!! I was just watching you and not the ball before you hit it. That is why I am not a referee :smiley: Thanks for pointing that out!

Don’t worry about it, the video is actually quite deceiving. A LOT of people didn’t catch that the ball bounced before I hit it, LOL.

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