First time playing - need advice on paddle

Hi There,

I haven’t actually played yet but am looking for a paddle. There are so many it’s a little overwhelming. I don’t like the idea of buying a “beginner’s” version. I’ve played tennis all my life an know I will be playing a lot so I want a decent paddle that isn’t super expensive.

If there are paddles in the $60 range that you swear by, please let me know :slight_smile:

Also, is grip size a consideration for these? I used a 4 5/8 grip for tennis and I understand your hand needs to wrap around more for these. More like a ping pong paddle?

Thanks very much!

Greg K.

Look on the combat paddle website I just got my new arrow paddle and love it and they are responsible in price.

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Thank you for this! Will check it out!

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@gkillmaster It may be hard to find a new to market paddle at that price. but if you are willing to go used, factory blemished, or a few years old you can find formerly higher end paddles for less. you can try or a lot of manufactures have sale sections engage does for sure and I believe prolite does. Do some research as a former tennis player you can find a lot of info out there about what other people from tennis who transitioned liked. that said gearbox has an awesome test program that allowes you to basically rent before you buy. Good luck finding the right one for you :grin:

Thanks for the reply!

These are the 3 that ended up in my cart based on reading a lot of review. I ended up canceling my ebay order for the Wilson Profile and going with the Amazing Aces:

Here’s the Wilson Profile link. The seller was super responsive and supportive about canceling. Very impressed. The Wilson seems to get a really good paddle for those coming over from tennis:


I use the Vulcan V520, which retails at $89.99

In my opinion, it plays like a more expensive paddle.

Thank you! Great recommendation. I’d love to have a paddle that allows for most touch and finesse shots!