First time playing pickleball - need advice on paddle

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I haven’t actually played yet but am looking for a paddle. There are so many it’s a little overwhelming. I don’t like the idea of buying a “beginner’s” version. I’ve played tennis all my life an know I will be playing a lot so I want a decent paddle that isn’t super expensive.

If there are paddles in the $60 range that you swear by, please let me know :slight_smile:

Also, is grip size a consideration for these? I used a 4 5/8 grip for tennis and I understand your hand needs to wrap around more for these. More like a ping pong paddle?

Thanks very much!

Greg K.

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I ended up ordering the Wilson Profile on ebay. A friend has one and loves it and feels like its very balanced overall. (power, spin, control etc.)


I’m glad that you had a chance to take that pickleball paddle for a spin, before making your final choice! That’s the best way to find out the paddle that’s right for you ツ

I picked up a 2-pack of cheap Niupippo pickleball paddles from Amazon (around $65 for 2 paddles and some cheap balls) and they were a great pack to start with. I then took several opportunities to try paddles that friends and others around me, were using. I also connected with an Electrum rep and an Onix rep to try out their paddles, alongside the Selkirks and others that I tried. My favorite was the Onix Evoke Premier Pro (light).

You’re right… there are so many choices, and it’s a bit overwhelming. But take confidence in the choice that you made and know that over time you might find yourself liking another pickleball paddle for certain reasons. Then you can get a new paddle, if you feel the need, and still have your Wilson to offer to friends or newcomers, as they join you in playing this great sport!

Side note… the other day I was at the court and a couple was using wooden paddles, so I went over to them and offered my beginner graphite honeycomb paddles. They were super grateful so I’ll just let them borrow 'em for a couple weeks, and get them back so I can continue to share those good beginner pickleball paddles!