Give Me The Ball

This is a quick little video from Jennifer Lucore. She talks about thinking in your head “give me the ball”.

So many times your partner may be taking the brunt of the hits and you can get lazy waiting for it to come to you.

Instead, if you think in your head “give me the ball” over and over again, you will always be ready.

Do you guys do anything to always be ready and avoid zoning out?


This is an awesome point! One of the things that I do when the bar keeps going to my partner is expecting that each hit he’s going to come to me. When I expect each hit come to me I am typically ready. Usually when I’m thinking about is if the box comes to me where is it going to be so then I am ready for it. What do you others do?


In this situation I like to envision the opponent hitting it to me and thinking through where I would hit it, that way when they do I already know where I want to place it rather than trying to make a split second decision

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