I Love this Glorious Game

It’s been exactly 47 days since I played Pickleball. My heart is pained knowing that I can’t be with my friends on the court. I know that this rough time will pass and that things will get back to normal and that my normal playing schedule will return, but in the meantime I like to reflect on how I got started playing this game.

I was a recreational racquetball player and I had heard whisperings about Pickleball as though it were some sort of secret club. I was really curious what everyone was talking about. The hushed tones of others would often describe a game that the senior citizens in my community were playing and then someone would try it out and have a lot of fun. I was quickly becoming more and more curious as to why nobody was shouting from the rooftops this fun game, or maybe it was designed to stay secret and I wanted to know more about it. I began searching the web for resources and found the USAPA website. I watched a how to video that lead to more how to videos that lead to me telling my wife I wanted Pickleball paddles for my birthday.

When my birthday arrived and my wife presented me with paddles, I was out of the house to head to the nearest courts to play. I dragged her along because it was my birthday after all and she should be playing with me! We walked onto the court and for some reason nobody else was playing. We started volleying the ball back and forth and I was hooked. We played one game that became two that became more and more and a couple of hours later we called it a night when the lights went out.

That was the beginning of my journey. I had found the sport that I couldn’t get enough of. I would start walking around my house bouncing the ball on my paddle, asking my wife if she would come play. I started telling my coworkers and friends about the game that was more fun than anything I had played before. I told my family members, and taught them to play so that we could have someone to play with every time we got together. The more people I introduced this glorious game to, the more fun I had because I met more and more people to play with!

I love Pickleball! I don’t know what else to say! I look forward to the day when I can play again! Until that day I’ll keep bouncing the ball on my paddle and remembering that Pickleball is not meant to be a well kept secret!


That is an awesome story! Welcome to the pickleballist community! This game truly is captivating!