Killer Pickleball TECHNIQUE Mistakes To Watch Out For!

Top 10 Basic TECHNIQUE Mistakes You Must Avoid & How To Fix Them!

:rotating_light:The Premiere has ended but the Youtube video is still available at the same links listed below. Feel free to hit reply and post any questions/comments… :rotating_light:

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Over the years, we’ve watched a lot of pickleball. And we noticed something interesting. From one player to the next, the mistakes are strikingly similar.

It can probably be attributed to human nature or biomechanics or a combination of these and other things.

But, the reality is we tend to see the same mistakes over and over again across a wide variety of players.

They tend to appear early on in a player’s pickleball journey.

And, the difference between a player that attains higher levels of play vs. a player that doesn’t is:

#1) being aware that the mistake is actually a mistake
#2) identifying where and when you make those mistakes in your game
#3) Actively getting to work on fixing them

That’s certainly easier said than done but if you’re reading this then you are likely one of those players that wants to get better.

With that in mind, we want to do something special for you. Something we haven’t done before.

We want to see if we can help you identify where you may be making any of these key mistakes in your game. We’ll also show you what the fix is.

We’re going to do that by jumping on live chat in a YouTube premiere TOMORROW at 9 AM Pacific (12pm Eastern), here:


Being a “premiere” means that we will get to watch it together live and I will be in the live chat answering any questions that you have…

And if you can’t make it live, the video will simply be available as a normal YouTube video through that same link above…

So, check it out whenever works for you to make sure you get this key info!

But joining us live will give you the best chance to really “get it” since I’ll be there answering as many questions as I can in the chat to make sure this really clicks for you…

Check it out here and mark your calendar.


I’ll see you there!

And in the meantime…

Any guesses on what these mistakes might be? What mistakes are you making in your game? Have any other questions for us? We want to hear from you!! Click Reply and let us know…


Reminder set! Hope to be there live!


Great! Look forward to seeing you there (hopefully :wink:)!


I can’t be on the live will the be available to watch later?


Yes! It will be available to watch later at the same link. After the “premiere” is over, it just becomes a regular Youtube video.


Going LIVE on Youtube in the chat in a little under 1 hour…

Watch the video HERE >>

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I guess I get to watch the regular youtube one as well. My husband wanted to play pickleball 30 minutes before you all started :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a worthy reason ;). Can’t say I blame you…feel free to post any questions/comments here.

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