Kyle and Corrine workouts

How many times per week does @Kyle_Yates or @Corrine do their workouts? Are they to be done daily?


@Baldwinsville I am pretty sure they are working out 4-7 days a week. obviously during tournaments it will change their workout schedule for the week. so for example @frankanthonydavis mentioned during the 19 day challenge that he does specific stretches/core workouts before tournaments, but he isn’t going out and lifting weights or running 6 miles on that day. Overall I think everyone will be different in their routine and what they do, I know @Kyle_Yates surfs and does other cross training as well, so he may not do a specific workout on a given day but he is for sure getting a workout in based on what he is doing.

I do a workout similar to what I posted about twice a week. I work out my core and arms 2 or 3 times a week and same for legs.


@Corrine thank you for letting us know! That is awesome!