Lessons from the COVID 19 Fitness Challenge with Phil Lamoreaux --🔴 YouTube LIVE

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What does it mean to be Pickleball Fit?

Thanks to @PickleballPhil creator of the COVID 19 Fitness Challenge we got a glimpse at the training regimens of some of pickleball’s finest players. It’s likely that most of us had a hard time keeping up. So what can us mere mortals learn from their routines to improve our pickleball games?
Lucky for us that in addition to being a top pickleball player Phil is an occupational therapist and he’s going to break down the lessons learned and what you can do off the court to help you on the court.

What was the most difficult exercise or workout of the challenge?

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Didn’t take part in the challenge?


Here’s my pick for the toughest COVID 19 Challenge workout.


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