My First Erne Ever!

I did my first Erne in a game today and it felt amazing!

After I smashed it, I yelled and ripped my shirt open in what I think looked like this:

But in reality, it looked like this:


@dylanhigg you are one of the pickleball greats! Crack me up!

Congrats on the shot! No just watch, you’ll be hitting them like crazy now and before you know it you’ll look just like Mr. Hogan!

I can get ATPs all day long but the ERNE is something that I have wanted to master. There are always some set up for me but I just don’t jump and move my feet. When you do read them right and do them, they feel real good. @dylanhigg, once you have tasted it, you will just be hungry for more.


Awesome this is one of my favorites because females get sent the ball a lot in mixed this always is an awesome surprise to the other team :metal::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: rock on keep it up.