No More Pickleball :(

It’s a sad day when arguably the biggest organization in the Pickleball World starts cancelling events. We are living in an interesting time and at times it’s hard to now how to react. Most if not all of us have never experienced anything like this. But in times like these its important for us to stick together and look out for one another. It just so happens that togetherness seems to be one of the unspoken rules of Pickleball and that is only one of many reasons I love this great sport!

What are your thoughts? Should these Tournament Directors postpone or cancel their events due to the current circumstances?

Here is the link to the USAPA announcement for those who are interested

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Great question. I work in the medical field and am a high risk individual for getting this virus. What we are learning is everyone will get it to some degree or another at some point. What needs to happen is decrease the speed of which it is affecting people because we aren’t equipped to handle everyone at once. Essentially if we don’t practice social distancing we are putting the clinicians and caregivers in hospitals the responsibility to decide who lives and who dies. I wouldn’t want that at all. So I am practicing it as much as possible. That way I can do my part to decrease the speed of the spread.


That’s a great perspective that I feel most people are not understanding. We are not being told to quarantine ourselves for the sake of surviving this uber fatal virus (which is where I think most of this panic is coming from), it is more to slow down the spread so that we can control it better and protect those that may have a compromised immune system!

just to continue the USAPA statement…

…members, ambassadors, players and the pickleball community at-large seeking information on general play are encouraged to follow the recommendations and mandates of local health and government officials.

I think what @PickleballPhil mentioned is interesting… that we are all likely to get it at some point or another. I always appreciate hearing the sentiment from those working within a respective field, when there is commotion about something. Thanks for chiming in, Phil!

We had an earthquake here in the Salt Lake area of Utah, yesterday morning, and it was nice to hear more information about that, straight from the source.

I think the key here is that we continue to listen to our leaders and take their recommendations, and in some cases impositions, to heart.

I love the example that Ernie Medina Jr. sets (as a USAPA board member). If you want some good discussion about whether or not to be out playing pickleball right now, head over to Ernie’s post on Facebook.

While we in Utah have not yet received the same order as those in Santa Clara County, CA, but I suspect a similar order will soon be coming here to Utah. Here’s some points from the order that emphasize the dire situation we’re all taking pre-emptive action against…

Please read this Order carefully. Violation of or failure to comply with this Order is a misdemeanor punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both. (California Health and Safety Code § 120295, et seq.)

…All individuals living in the county to shelter at their place of residence except that they may leave to provide or receive certain essential services or engage in certain essential activities and work for essential businesses and governmental services…

Prohibiting all non­ essential gatherings of any number of individuals; and ordering cessation of all non-essential travel…

But it’s been emphasized that nobody is going to jail over this…

Stay healthy my pickleballist pals!

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