Non Volley Zone Fault Question

The last video C.J. Johnson posted about the non-volley zone fault is one where some of our club members disagree with me when I make a call at one of our Tournaments. The disagreement comes when one player hits the ball and is windmilling however before their momentum carries them into the non-volley zone a player from the opposing team returns the shot either in or out possibly ending the point or continuing the rally. I call the fault on the first player who struck the ball and never regained their balance causing them to enter the non-volley zone. This is when the argument begins, I tell them the rule book states if your momentum carries you in it is a fault plain and simple it does not matter what happens after that. They feel if the opposing team plays the ball then the fault should not be called. I have not seen a video that shows this scenario. Who is correct?

You are correct! If a player hits the ball out of the air and their momentum carries them into the kitchen it doesn’t matter at all what the other team has done or not done with the next shot. It is a fault!


Thank you for your reply Nicole, stay safe and one day we will get back to playing.

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