Paddle "stacking" in COVID times

How does your group decide who gets the next available court and how to mix up players in COVID times where we can’t paddle stack? We tried putting paddles in fences in winners and losers groups to mix up foursomes, but this lead to congregating too much around the paddles. I thought of a white erase board but then people would be touching the pen. Does anyone have another system?

How many people do you have? A friend gave me a round robin type schedule for 2-3 courts (that’s all we have) and I have been using it to just schedule whoever shows up. Games end close to the same time and I call out the next group of players. We don’t have over 15 though, so I don’t know if it would work well with bigger groups.

Thanks for the suggestion, Sandy. We have 4 courts. The problem with a round robin format is that we are drop-in so people are coming at different times.


We have 6 courts and around 30 players dropping in, and use 2 paddle racks on the fence. We’ve spaced them a good distance apart, which takes care of some of the problem, and we are vigilant with physical distancing reminders. Our regular players are very cooperative, and when New players drop in, they are briefed on all of our protocols before they step onto the courts. It is working quite well for us.

Thanks Lorie. I’m glad your regulars are so cooperative. Mine mean to be but they get excited and forget :-). I try to brief new players but sometime I’m in the middle of a game and they get in the mix before I can talk to them.