Paddle Talk [Summer, 2020]

Well, I’ve been using the same old paddle for three years, and as the level of this sport has upgraded in my gone-time, so must I with my paddle.

I’ve been using the same Pickleball Inc. Champion Graphite for as long as I can remember, but now that I’m stronger, something as explosive and with so much “pop” as it just no longer suits someone like me.

So, I wanted to ask you guys a question you’ve probably heard before:
“What is your paddle and why do you like it…?”

Personally for me, I seek a paddle that has good control, is nice and soft, and that I can put produce some good spin with. Through research and questionings, I’ve pretty much narrowed my search down to three paddles: the Onix Z5 Graphite, the Paddletek Tempest Wave, and the Selkirk Amped Epic.

Do you know of any other paddles that fit those criterion well?
~ Do you have a paddle that you love, and why?
~ Did you ever try a paddle that you didn’t like, and why?
~ Is there something that you specifically look for in a paddle?
~ Do you have a brand you like more than others?

Let’s start a discussion…!
A little personal insight and knowledge never hurt anyone.

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Wanted to update since I’ve finally gotten an arsenal of my own.

After having used the Onix Z5 Graphite, and having demoed the Paddletek Tempest Wave II and Selkirk Amped Epic, I found that the paddle best for me was the lightweight Selkirk Amped Epic (7.3oz). I love the softness, the forgiveness I have in-terms of power with a paddle like it, and I just feel like my game is on a whole other level when I use it. Could not have asked for a better paddle, especially when it comes to Doubles.

However, thanks to a program by the Elliot family of EngagePickleball, I got to go to their facility in Ocala, FL, and take home a free paddle of my own. When I was choosing, I knew that my Amped Epic was perfect for Doubles, so I used the opportunity to get me something with more power and spin so that I could rule Singles as well. After demoing almost the entire inventory of paddles that EngagePickleball had to offer, one paddle just stood out to me, allowing me to get the most killer shots of any paddle I’d used when it came to Singles. That paddle was the Engage Elite Pro Maverick (7.6oz). I can rip serves with it deep and fast, the extended reach really does help, and the spin I get off of it is nothing short of brutal (I’ve hit backspin shots from near the baseline that stayed in one place after impact, and side-spin shots that took the ball multiple feet in the other direction).

From time-to-time, I’ll try out one of the paddles in the other category, but for the most part, I now use the lightweight Selkirk Amped Epic in Doubles, and I use the Engage Elite Pro Maverick in Singles. So glad I took as much time as I did to test out paddles and “fit” myself so-to-say with ones that really bring out the best of me while playing.