Paint color for pickleball lines on a tennis court

Hello to the ball players. Thank you for adding me to the group. We are painting one of our tennis courts so that it becomes two Pickleball courts. It was suggested that we use orange color to make the lines. Any thoughts on that?

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Welcome to the community @ChrisStratton!

Can you send some pics of your current setup for the tennis courts? It would be helpful to see the colors you’re currently working with. Coloring for your pickleball court surface is usually about preference, but there are some colors that are more prone to getting dirty or glare, from the sun, etc.

Are these lines for backyard courts or for club/commercial/public courts?

Also, are these just going to be shadow lines? Are you completely painting over the existing tennis court or are you leaving the tennis lines so the court can be use for tennis AND/OR pickleball?

Answers to these questions might help you get some good suggestions!