Pickleball Forum App with Push Notifications or Phone Notifications

I can see the notifications options available under preferences, then notifications. Also, the notification options in preferences under Emails. And I like that there are customizable options for which notifications I get.

However, are there notifications for the phone? I’m not app savvy enough to know the details or terminology here but it looks like Pickleballist on my phone is a link to the web app? Is it possible to have similar options for push notifications on my phone?



Thanks for bringing this up, Landon!

tl;dr -

:smile: There is an app with push notifications that you can get, today! Get it: iOS (iphone), or Android
:slightly_frowning_face: It’s not the ideal solution.

I do have plans to develop the Pickleballist forums into a native web app with push notifications, just like you get from all your other favorite apps. But this one would be the best, b/c it’s an app that’s all about pickleball!

As you might suspect, getting the native Pickleballist app built for iOS and for Android is going to be a much larger investment than what I’ve already put into this project!! But when the time is right and I have the funds to do it, this is high on my priority list!

In the meantime the app I linked to above will allow you to receive push notifications. The app is not perfect. There is some functionality that is a little different in that app. And you’ll have to get used to that icon instead of the Pickleballist icon. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯