Pickleball Giveaways

Guys, there are SO many AMAZING pickleball giveaways out there!!! A lot of them are promoted through social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, which is great, but not everyone is on those platforms, or not following the right accounts. Now though we can use this post to share with each other about giveaways we see on the various platforms so that we can all have a chance to win the awesome products out there! I have seen giveaways for paddles, nets, tee shirts, gift-cards, and even trips!! If you want to try to win some swag turn the bell notification on for this post so you will be notified when someone posts about a new giveaway. :smile:

Make sure when you post about a giveaway you let us know 1) what platform you found it on (e.g. Insta, FB, twitter) 2) who is doing the giveaway (e.g. Selkirk, Gamma, Pickleballist) 3) how people enter it 4) giveaway timeline (when is starts and closes)

Let’s win some stuff, y’all!


Okay everybody here is the first giveaway! Selkirk Sport is doing a giveaway for free paddles… FOR LIFE! :astonished: Yup, that’s right! Three lucky winners will be winning free paddles for LIFE! Crazy right?! In addition, 5 people will win one of the new Vanguard paddles. They announced it on their Instagram page a week or two ago and the entry deadline is the end of the month. They will announce the winners in June. Winners will be chosen by raffle drawing.

Entry is SUPER simple! All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter! You don’t have to have any social media account to participate- you simply have to have an email. Click this link and it will direct you straight to the entry page! :tada:


Good luck everyone!!! This is one I am dying to win!!! :smile:


I can vouch that @picklethe50 is the pickleball giveaway sensei. If you want to win a pickleball giveaway, my recommendation would be to…

  1. Look to see if Gabrielle is competing for the giveaway
  2. If she is… turn the other way
  3. If she’s not… hire her as a consultant to teach you how to win
  4. Write down and follow every word she says
  5. Win.

It’s a really simple recipe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Annnnnd I’m just throwing out some tongue-in-cheek here for my dear friend, Gabrielle. She is awesome though, so def take her advice if she has any to give. Not only is she a pickleball addict like the rest of us here, but she also is on an epic journey to compete in a pickleball tournament in all 50 states! Follow her adventures on Instagram!

Selkirk has always done some really amazing pickleball giveaways.

Eventually we plan on working with some of our partners to start offering a weekly pickleball giveaway to active and participating members of the community. Just need to line up a few ducks before we start doing that!!