Pickleball Mindshift Summit


The mental game is the holy grail of athletic performance! Join CJ Johnson from Better Pickleball and Laura Fenton Kovanda at The EPIC Mind Shift Summit, where one letter turns your MindSh*t into MindShift.

Together we will explore mindset challenges unique to players over 50, and how to go from “hot mess” to “huge success”. Click here for a SNEAK PEAK?

This live event will be streamed April 15th and 16th, 1-5 pm, PDT/4-8 EDT at www.pbMindShiftSummit.com.

To save your seat and see the Who’s Who of Pickleball Coaches and Players dedicated to helping you win the mental battle within, be sure to register!

Trust me, much like Pickleball, there is something for every person and every age!