Pickleball Nets - Advice Needed

I’m about to convert my indoor club into a pickleball club (not in the US) and I’m wondering if anyone can help in advising on the best possible nets to have. I only want the best and I need to decide between the permanent nets or semi-permanent ones. The semi permanent ones are practical because I can move them for other type of events, however I’m worried they are not sturdy enough. Let me know your thoughts please?

What part of the world is home for you?
We built our court last summer … and installed a permanent net. I texted the contractor who did our court and asked what net they use for portable applications.
(Many of the Pro tournaments are played on courts with portable nets. They must be sturdy enough.)

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Joola and Douglas sell very substantial “portable” nets. Both are in the $2,000 USD price range. They have wheels so they are, technically, movable, but they are heavy and very heavy duty. They play exactly the same as permanent nets (I’m assuming you’re talking about sinking the posts in concrete in the ground), but are obviously much more flexible if you need to move them…

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