Pickleball Tips and Tricks

How many sport movies have you watched where you see the main character watching hours and hours of video to make sure they can play the game better? They watch film to see where they messed up or to see what their opponents are doing so they can plan an attack against the way they play. I would say that most of my growth in pickleball has come from watching hours and hours of videos. I think there are some people that are very natural at the game and will excel very easily but for the other 99% percent, I would say to do some homework. Watch videos, read articles and get advice from those that are more advanced than you. Always be humble enough to know that you have room to improve and work everyday to better yourself.

I love Simone Jardim’s Youtube channel. Besides being an awesome player, she takes the time to really educate you on the little things that will change your game.



Her videos are awesome! You can definitely tell she has a lot of coaching background. I’d agree with you that most of my progress has been from watching hours of matches, educational videos, and videos of my own matches. Great tip​:+1:t3::+1:t3:

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