Player disputes score after the game is over, but never during the game

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Score dispute question:

Doubles game. Team A is serving, and server 1 calls the score: 8-9-1. He scores a point, switches position and calls the new score, 9-9-1. He loses the serve. His partner (server 2) calls the score: 9-9-2, and also loses the serve.

Now team B is serving. Server 1 calls the score, 9-9-1 and loses the serve. His partner, server 2 calls the score, 9-9-2 and also loses the serve.

Back to team A. Server 1 calls the score, 9-9-1 and scores a point. He switches position, calls the score, 10-9-1 and wins the point and the game, 11-9.

Both teams approach the net to shake hands, and one of the players from team B starts to argue that the score was wrong and must have been called incorrectly at some point. He begins to recount all the points and (in his mind) based on the side the server from team A was on, he believes the score had to be wrong.

My argument is, if both teams had been calling the score - and nether had ever disputed it - once the game has ended, it’s too late to try to argue the score – EVEN IF you could go back and view the game and saw that the score actually was called wrong at some point.

What’s the official rule on that?

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4.K. Wrong Score Called. If the server or referee calls the wrong score, once the serve is made, play shall continue to the end of the rally and the correction made before the next serve. After the serve is made, a player who stops play based solely on an incorrect score call, will have committed a fault and shall lose the rally.

From the rule above, I believe the correction to the score needs to be made prior to the next serve.


Self-Officiating Players are responsible for their own foul and line calls. Players resolve their own disputes.

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