Protective safety covers for chain link fencing - avoid injuries and clothing snag’s

Be careful of the dangers from the chain link fencing. We are seeing more cuts and injuries from pickleball players running or falling into the chain link fencing around our pickleball courts. We are seeing cuts on arms are hands. Some have been severe cuts. We have placed protective caps on top of the fencing that seems to have eliminated this danger.

In retrospect we should have been more in tune with this problem because our clothes were being snagged on the fences before the injuries became more noticeable.

Please ask around and see if your groups are seeing the same problems. We need to get the word out and protect our pickleball players.


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Hey Mark, thanks for helping to spread awareness about this. It’s too bad things got to a point where folks were getting cut up :disappointed:

To be honest it’s something I’ve never thought about… but every outdoor court that I’ve ever played on (that I can remember) is surrounded by chain-link fencing (including our backyard pickleball courts :smirk: ) I’ll definitely now be more aware of my own courts, and will probably keep my eyes out when playing elsewhere, to see if there are any issues.

@Mchughes, could you post any pics to show what your fences looked like “before”, and maybe even some “after” shots of what it looks like now that you have those protective caps? (you can go back to your original post and “Edit” it, then drag ‘n’ drop some pics, or use the images image icon in the text editor. Or you could hit “reply” to add the pics)

Thx again for sharing!


Thanks for your thoghts.

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