Recommendations to Upgrade Paddle/General Recommended Paddles Thread

Hey everyone! I am here looking for recommendations for a more ‘premium’ or ‘pro’ pickleball paddle. I have been playing on and off since 2017, but didn’t get into it like I am now till 2019 at college with some buddies.

I have gotten alot of my friends and fam into pickleball since February, we have now accumulated 3 sets of Amazing Aces Signature Paddles (6 paddles). I really love these paddles, but am looking at getting a more expensive more ‘pro’ paddle now that I am getting better.

I am at about 3.5-4.0. I am pretty good with control so I want to get a paddle that will help me with power. I’m thinking a paddle that:

  1. Has a Polymer Core
  2. Either Graphite, Polycarbonate or Carbon Fiber Face (I like spinning)
  3. I want something a bit heavier
  4. USAPA Approved
  5. Price not over $150

I’m looking at the Amazing Aces Emerald

I’ve also been looking on Vulcan Pickleball and Pickleball Central

I’m super open and want to know what brands y’all like and what face you would recommend I go with. I also wouldn’t mind if it looked really cool :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I play the Selkirk Invikta which is a great combo of power and touch. You can pick a custom weight and if you don’t like the elongaed shaoe Selkirk makes other shapped paddles. They also have the new Vanguard line coming out that looks like it may be carbon fiber face rather than fiberglass like the Amped line. I have also used the Gamma Legend for the last 3 weeks giving it a good test run. still has touch but more power. I would say the paddle with the most pop Ive played with is the Gearbox GH7L. I would recomend finding someone with the paddle you narrow it down to in order to test it out before buying.