Six Zero releases more Double Black Diamond control pickleball paddles today!

Six Zero Double Black Diamond Control 16mm paddle releases TODAY at 6:00 PM EDT. They said there will be limited stock. I use the promo code: TIMMY10 for 10% off purchases. The control is my favorite paddle! Is there one that’s better?

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I’ve been waiting over 6 weeks for the paddles to be restocked.
Just ordered a 6-Zero DBD Control yesterday.
Can’t wait to receive it. Not sure how long it will take shipping from Australia .

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Thanks for the update @FXPICKLEBALL! :raised_hands:

From what I hear, the latest batch of 6.0 Double Black Diamond (DBD) pickleball paddles were only available for several hours!

I have enjoyed playing with my DBD but I’ve played with most of the latest and greatest paddles that are hitting the market and I’m not blown away by the performance or experince of the DBD.

What do you think the hype around these DBDs is all about? @TShot1 I’ll be curious to hear what you think, when you get it!!

Nice! It didn’t take very long to ship after I got the shipping notification.

I see. What is your favorite paddle?