Tagging Taxonomy for Pickleball Community Forums


Here are a few big things that differentiate this site from other community forum sites (i.e. Facebook Groups): Access, Organization, Engagement, Progression.

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  1. Access - Free FOR everyone FOR ever. Public Forums optimized for indexing by Google.
  2. Organization - Categories, Tags, Threaded Replies, Powerful Search
  3. Engagement - Gamification, Achievement Badges, Quoting, & Customizable Notifications
  4. Progress - Discussion Progress Memory, Crowdsourcing Knowledge & Data

This post is a call to the pickleball community as a whole, with a special plea, requesting the advice and expertise of pickleball veterans who know the ins and outs of this industry… the who’s, what’s, when’s, why’s, and how’s!

The focus of this post is to crystalize #2 from above… Organization. Most hyper-organized communities thoroughly think through a tagging hierarchy that can be used to index and manage content.

One of the great things about tags is that you can follow a tag and get notifications whenever a new post is added and uses the tags you are following… SOOOO cool!


Open-Source This Project

Let’s work together on a tagging taxonomy that makes the most sense for the pickleball world!

Check out the existing community tags, which are kind of a mess right now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If you’d like to be a collaborator and help curate/manage this open-source list of community tags please shoot me a message by CLICKING THIS LINK (which will bring up a new message) then just hit the “Message” button and I’ll be notified!

After we establish the core tagging taxonomy, as community members see a need to add new tags, they can chime in on this discussion for review/discussion with community leaders who have access to update tags.

Pickleballist Community Forums Tag Taxonomy

Note: It’s best if you view the list and help collaborate, on a desktop (mobile is not ideal for this project)

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One note about the “locations” tag type. I was thinking that we could leverage a US cities database and pre-seed the community with tags for the top 25 largest cities from each state. I’ve given an example of what that could look like, for the state of Utah (since that’s my current home sweet home)

We could just add locales like this, by request. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I just feel like kicking things off with some locales will get people to see/start using them respective to their discussions.

There’s another big reason for this. We may be able to implement some features in the future that will allow us to help make it easier to find people to play with, around the US (and eventually the world!)

Please reply to this comment with any thoughts y’all may have about locations/states/cities/locales!

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What would the purpose be for tagging specific paddles? I have my thoughts, but wondering what your intent was for that. That would be lots of tags. Lol


Great question. And yes… it would be a ton of paddles. Allowing the tagging of paddles would allow users to tag them in posts, like using this tag: #vulcan but they could tag their individual paddles.

Eventually, we are going to have “paddle pages” on the main pickleballist.com website, which will showcase different paddles and great video reviews/content by folks like @brandon.

Remember that the biggest value differentiator between a FB group and these community forums is organization and progression. By organizing our content with granular tagging options, it allows us to sort information and create a comprehensive knowledge base on all things pickleball. And paddles are a somewhat significant part of the pickleball world :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That makes sense! It Will make it possible for more specialization on individuals posts


Does this list get updated?

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It doesn’t get regularly updated. In fact, the current tags are a bit different than this list.