That's my story and I'm sticking to it

Where do I begin with my pickleball story? I guess we have to go back to Nostradamus in the early 1500s when he said “A mighty warrior will rise up in the west and his enemies will be hewn down by the power of his third shot. His pickle powers will be godly and all men shall bow to the greatness.”

In 2014-15 I was introduced to pickleball through work. I was working for Provo City at the time and we had little competitions at the brand new rec center. No one really knew how to play and we were all trying to watch Youtube videos on the rules. When we started playing, I was hooked. I remember that we had three tournaments over the months that I was there and I went to the “gold match” everytime. I think I took it a little more serious than some of the others.

From that moment on I wanted to learn everything I could. I spent some time playing outside of office hours but eventually after I left Provo City, I didn’t have a lot of people to play with and my pickleball play came to a stop for a few years.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago when the Sharon Park courts started to be built. I lived across the street from the park and noticed that construction had started. I would watch out my window everyday in anticipation for them to be done. The need for pickleball in my life started to come back. I got an itch. I watched everyday as they broke ground, laid rebar and poured cement. It’s almost as if the groundwork was being laid for the prophecy to be fulfilled.

After the courts got finished, I was able to play in a moments notice. I grabbed the kids, friends, cousins and whoever else would play and head over. I could easily go whenever I wanted because I could see when the courts were empty and accessible. I started playing a lot more. I started watching videos on everything pickleball. I wanted to have a better serve. I wanted to have a better drop. I wanted to have a better everything.

In studying and playing, I found that pickleball is much more than just hitting the ball over the net. Pickleball is very much a chess game. It is very strategic in lots of ways. I love how it pushes you to be better and better. I know sometimes that us as pickleballers sound over dramatic about what it has done for us a people but the weird thing is, it’s all true.

One of my best friends now (Robbie), that I met through pickleball has said how he loves the social aspect of the game. I can’t agree more. I have met so many cool people and formed some of the strongest friendships with the people on the court. There are so many people that I can’t wait to play with as well.

I have also had the opportunity to play with some of the best pickleball players out there. This is such a huge community now but still small enough that you can rub shoulders with some of the greats. Every opportunity you can get to meet, play and get instruction from people like that is awesome. I don’t know that I have found someone from Pro down to 2.5 level that has not wanted to share their love of pickleball with everyone around.

My kids have been a little hard to get into the sport but now that they are older, they are loving it. I think that pickleball can also have a huge impact on kids because it helps them to grow and get out of the house. With so many things that they come across on social media, I am glad to see that it gives them something to fight for and helps them to better themselves everyday. I know my daughter had a hard time starting and as soon as I signed her up for her first tournament, she was hooked. She did not do well and was upset with the outcome but immediately after she wanted to learn more. It makes me proud when I see her play, slam the ball down the middle for point and then turns to me with a big smile on her face and a little hop in her step.

Pickleball is my life right now. Not only do I want to play everyday but I started my own pickleball company and speak with anyone and everyone everyday about products and methods of playing. It is kind of engrained in me now. We have become a pickleball family. I am looking into becoming an ambassador and I want to get certified to teach down the road.

I still have a long way until the prophecy is fulfilled and all my enemies are hewn down with the power of my third shot but you can help. I am always looking to grow my pickleball circle of friends and become a better player. I would love for anyone to reach out to me and invite me to play with them.

See you on the court.


OMG! Love your story Paul! It inspires me and it mirrors, even though it is unique, the experiences of so many in the sense of engaging with people and being passionate about our amazing sport. Thank you for sharing! Coach B

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